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About Me:

I am a teenaged female currently residing in Canada with the name of Kai.

I’m addicted to Animal Crossing, Anime, and a bunch of other things.


I’m not very interesting, obviously… But regardless, I hope you enjoy your stay!

About The Blog:

I will be posting things related to the fandoms I am currently in, and possibly some updates in my life.

That’s really it.

K bai.


My Friend Turned Into a Weeb // February 25, 2017


Oh God I haven’t posted in ages.

And I post about weebs a lot I’m sorry but they are annoying as shit.


So, I am going to be telling a story about my friend that turned into a horrible weeb.

So, a long time ago I attended daycare, met a girl named… let’s just call her M. So M seemed nice, I hung out with her, went to her birthday parties, etc.

So I discover her instagram, right? I’m like, “wow, I haven’t seen her in ages!”

First thing I notice is her anime profile pic.

Then her God awful bio: Keep your friends close but enemies closer Senpai.

  1. Why the hell is “senpai” randomly thrown in the sentence?
  2. WHY?

I then see an awful drawing, which I criticised.

Got mad, deleted my comments, called me a cunt, y’know.

All because this bitch couldn’t take criticism.

Yeah okay.

K bai.

More Weebs | January 4, 2017


Sorry for the inactivity everyone!

Happy new year!

2017 baby!

Anyways, I wrote a post a while ago about weeaboos.

Well, I was finding cursors for my Sims 3 blog… And I saw this comment:


They definitely could’ve excluded the “baka” so… AND LOOK AT THEIR USERNAME.

If that isn’t a weeb I don’t know what is.

That made me cringe.

Go have fun in Tokyo ya weeb.

~ Kai

*Sigh* Weebs // December 17th, 2016


Hey there my potatoes.

How are you today?

I’m doing awful.


Let’s talk about.


Yay, what a fun topic.

“What is a weeb?” you ask. Well, my fren, a weeb is someone who is obsessed with Japan. They think they know about Japan culture, and only like products that they know are from Japan. Yet, if those same products were sold in America, they probably wouldn’t care. They like Japanese food because it’s from Japan, and they watch animes because they came from Japan. They also overuse popular Japanese words… To name a few:

Kawaii (desu)

Watashi wa






They use these Japanese words in a sentence that is in English. Like:

“OMG! Did you see that new anime! It was so kawaii! And did you see that girl? Oh, she was a BAKA!”


This makes me so mad because I can actually speak a bit of Japanese.

Ashita terebi-o mimasu ka?

Ooh, genki desu ka?

Genki desu!

I can’t write Hirigana and Katakana yet. But, I just started learning Japanese a few months ago.

Okay, I’m getting off-topic.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post, and don’t forget to tell me what you think of weebs!

K bai.

Yuri!!!! On Ice Review // December 16th, 2016



Yaoi!!!! on Ice Yuri!!!! On Ice Review

Yuri!!!! On Ice follows the story of a japanese boy named Yuri Katsuki who is extremely gay the figure skater, after suffering a defeat during the Grand Prix final. With Victor, they plan to defeat Yuri’s rival, Yuri Plisetsky, in the Grand Prix series.

Sorry about the bad summary. Haha.

So, let’s get started.

This anime is the gayest thing I’ve ever watched (I’m innocent holy there’s way worse things out there) and I love it.


I love the characters in this series! Yurio (Yuri Plisetsky) is my favorite because I feel like I can relate to him. ;-;

Victuri is the best ship ever, and if you ever watch this anime, you’ll find it to be impossible to not ship them.


Go to link above to see better summary + actual epsiodes!

I really recommend this anime to any anime fan. Even though I know nothing about figure skating, I still find this anime to be great! However, since this anime is based on a sport, some people won’t watch it because they don’t play the sport. I was scoping out some weebs on Twitch a couple weeks ago, and asked them to watch Yuri!!!! On Ice, but they mostly said, “I’m not into figure skating” so… I don’t know what’s up with that…

I don’t really think there is any cons for this anime. The episodes come out really quick, the fandom is great… Hm… WAIT, THE CON IS THAT IT’S TOO GAY.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this very awful review. If you don’t already, I hope I encouraged you to check out this anime.

K bai.